Project coordination

Task 1 – Project coordination

Task leader Isabelle Daniel, PI
Participants LGL LIP


  • Ensure efficient project management
  • Coordinate, articulate and monitor tasks T2 to T5

Description of work

  • Science management: day-to-day management, periodic scientific reporting, organizing and leading the regular consortium meetings, setting up the PREBIOM website for publishing news, results and activities
  • Data management: make sure that the data are properly stored with the proper and mandatory metadata, inclusive of the European INSPIRE directive (INfrastructures for SPatial Information in Europe)
  • Administrative management: monitoring the follow-up of administrative issues
  • Financial management: Monitoring the follow-up of financial issues; financial reporting
  • Legal management: Follow up of the contract; preparation and negotiation of the consortium agreement; preparation and follow up of amendments

Role of participants

The project coordinator together with the management team will be in charge of the above-­‐mentioned tasks.

Deliverables / milestones

D1.1 – Consortium agreement (m6)
D1.2 – Launching the PREBIOM Website (m9)
D1.3 – Activity reports and costs statements (m12, m24, m36)
D1.4 – Final activity report (m42)

Task 1 is dedicated to the coordination of the project.

Isabelle Daniel (LGL, P1) will be the project coordinator – PI and will be in charge of the management of the project. She will be assisted by Lyon Ingénierie Projets (LIP). LIP is a subsidiary of Lyon1 University and is dedicated to the management of research projects. The PI will care for effective co-operation, communication between participants and for efficient decision-making regarding the global orientation of the project. The PI will also follow-up the research progress with respect to the initial objectives; the delivery, adoption and approval records upon achievement of the milestones. The PI may organize an extraordinary meeting or consult with the co-PIs when urgent decisions have to be taken.

The Management Team is based in Lyon and is built of LIP, the PI Isabelle Daniel and a ‘Doctorant Conseil’ during the first and last years of the project. The team will ensure a permanent contact point for the participants, support the PI in her administrative duties and notify the research consortium of due dates; remind the participants of the deadlines for the deliverables, in particular for the annual reports; coordinate the annual reporting; prepare and run the meetings; follow up administrative and financial documents; prepare and maintain contractual documents (agreements, contract, annex…); follow up the budget.

The whole team will benefit from a dedicated PREBIOM website that will be set up by the ‘Doctorant Conseil’ who will implement the data management plan. The website will host all practical information and administrative forms, as well as confidential data prior to publication, experimental and analytical protocols, papers for discussion, etc. In order to maintain the strong interactions and synergies between the collaborators, we plan periodic project meetings, typically a tele- or videoconference once every two months with the management team and the co-PIs to smooth out or solve any difficulty that may occur, and a one-day all hands meeting with emphasis on the scientific achievements every year.